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Products and Parts (Price List)
Multi-ASIC Control Electronics (Laboratory Test Electronics)
Base Multi-ASIC Laboratory Test System (MCE/LTE) with ACE or ACE2 card, includes
  - one MAICE board (P/N 1500200-1)
  - one ACE (P/N 1500100-2) or ACE2 board (P/N 1500101-1)
MAICE and ACE/ACE2 card also available individually
Multi-Purpose Control and Interface Electronics (MACIE)
MACIE card for operating SIDECAR and ACADIA ASICs (P/N 1500700-3)
available as standalone card or combined with the following options:
  - 160-pin Molex to 200-pin Moles Adapter (P/N 1500710-1)
  - 160-pin Molex to 140-pin Hirose Adapter (P/N 1500720-1)
  - Firmware Upgrade for two ACADIA ASICs per MACIE card (P/N 1500750-1)
  - Firmware Upgrade for two SIDECAR ASICs per MACIE card (P/N 1500760-1)
  - Control Software Upgrade (P/N MACIE GUI/API upgrade version 4.3)
  - Development Software Upgrade (P/N ACADIA IDE upgrade version 5.4)
  - ACADIA ASIC v1A or v2A, bare die, untested
Fast Analog-to-Digital Low-Noise Converter (FALCON ASIC)
8-channel ADC ASIC with 25 MHz sample rate, available options:
  - FALCON ASIC prototype (PGA packaged or bare die)
  - FALCON ASIC Evaluation Board (support for 4 FALCON ASICs)
  - FALCON ASIC Evaluation Board Design Files (schematic, PCB files)
  - FALCON ASIC Evaluation Board FPGA Firmware and/or Software Files
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